Plagiarism-when does this end?

Hello Blogger friends,

I am not at all happy to come up with a post like this but unfortunately I have to. It is really sad and utterly shocking to see how people lift contents from your website, post it else where without seeking any permission.
I was reading about content lifting, plagiarism all this while and just felt helpless for all those fellow food bloggers whose hard-work and effort were being stolen/lifted. Now I am a victim of it too. Last night I simply tried pasting my blog's URL into Copyscape and was shocked to see this.
Looks like this person 'supriyakrishna' is lifting recipes, description and posting on this public forum. He/She has copied my Egg Pakora/fritter recipe to the 't'. I cannot believe how somebody can do this.So when I started browsing that site it has more recipes and I am sure it is somebody else's hard work and effort.


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Asha said...

I sympathize wit you Anu. One of the website has my whole post and photos copied and pasted in his blog. I emailed him and complained to his web host and they told me to get a lawyer instead of helping me!