Smelling fishy anyone?

Finally a sea food recipe which I have been meaning to post since so long.
I always forget to either click pictures when I prepare some yummy dish or I click the pictures but they do not come out good. So I end up not posting it waiting for me to prepare the dish again and make every effort to click some good pictures so I can justify the recipe.
Back to the recipe, this is a simple fish curry where in the masala is actually adapted from another Konkani dish. I am not very good when it comes to Sea food varieties but this masala base blends in well with the fish because it has the aromatic spices such as roasted coriander and cumin. One of my aunt here had prepared this curry and my husband loved it, so when I asked my aunt she said it’s the usual sagle (Konkani dish) masala. So when I tried this at home, my husband loved it. He said it was tastier the next day!


8 to 10 Smelt fish pieces cut into 1 ½ inches (well cleaned)
(frozen works fine too)
1 medium onion finely chopped
½ tsp chopped garlic(optional)
¼ tsp turmeric powder

For the masala:

½ cup coconut gratings
5 to 6 fried red chillies
¼ tsp tamarind concentrate

Fry together:

¼ tsp fenugreek/ methi seeds
1 tsp coriander/dhania seeds
1 tsp cooking oil


1. Firstly clean the smelt fish well and remove all the bones etc. (If frozen then thaw it first)

2. Heat a small tadka pan and add 1 tsp cooking oil, add the fenugreek/methi and coriander/dhania seeds and fry on a medium heat till you smell the aromas. Set it aside.

3. In a blender take coconut gratings, tamarind, red chillies and the fried fenugreek and coriander seeds. Blend it into a smooth paste using little water.

4. Heat oil a kadai or a deep sauté pan, add chopped onions, garlic and sauté till slightly golden. Add turmeric powder and fry again for a minute.

5. Now add the grounded masala/paste and mix well. Adjust the consistency by adding little water to make thick gravy. Mix well and adjust the salt and cover and cook the masala for 2 to 3 minutes.

6. Now reduce the heat to medium low and add the cut smelt fish pieces and carefully mix it along with the masala. Cover and cook for another 5 minutes or until the fish is cooked through.(Fish cooks relatively quick so be careful not to over cook, else it will fall apart).

7. Serve with steamed rice or rotis.


Sri said...

It is really a very tasty fish recipe, I love it!

Sangeeth said...

oh! cant stop getting the fish smell! :)i am sure my hubby will love this!

Uj said...

Hey I agree with you with pictures and posts. Same thing happens to me too. Tagged you for a meme Do take it up if you have time