Garden fresh tomatoes!

I am so excited to do a post about this!

These tomatoes are plucked fresh from my little kitchen garden. They were so tasty! I used them in various preparations like tomato rasam, aloo matar and an egg curry.
I will be posting the recipes shortly.

Tomatoes on the vine:

Tomatoes on the vine, ready to be plucked!

Garden fresh Tomatoes:


mona said...

Good work! The tomatoes look gorgeous.

Sangeeth said...

fresh tomatoes always taste great...perfect pic

ANJALI J. said...

Fresh ones are always perferred.. Good that u have a chance to grown veg in ur garden.they look so fresh!

Priyanka said...

those tomatoes do look gorgeous..seems like you have a green thumb:)

ashwini said...

looks gorgeous
keep up the good work