Potato Hummann

Now talking about potatoes, they are versatile & they taste yummy in any form. It is one of my favorite vegetable. This recipe is very simple and easy to make, and it’s just tasty and appetizing with hot steamed rice with a dash of pickle or any stir fry/upkari.
Unlike any other dish, here we drizzle few tsps of oil and there is no traditional tempering as such. The raw oil & the asafoetida draw the most impeccable aroma and it’s truly one of the best.

So here’s the list


2 cups of potatoes cubed
1 cup Fresh coconut
7 to 8 Fried red chillies preferably byadgi (You can add more depending on the spiciness you desire)
Marble sized tamarind
Asafoetida ¼ tsp
Salt to taste
4 to 5 tsps Coconut oil or any cooking oil


1. Firstly peel the potatoes and cube them, wash well and drain off the water.

2. In a saucepan pour about 2 cups of water and add the cubed potatoes and cook till done.

3. Blend the coconut, red chillies and tamarind into very fine paste with little water.

4. Now add this grounded masala to the potatoes and season with salt bring it to a good rolling boil.

5. Lastly add in the asafoetida and drizzle the oil, mix one last time and close the lid and also switch off the heat. Don’t cook once you have added the oil.

Serve hot with rice.


Asha said...

How nice!! I love the recipe.Usually I don't cook aloo sambhar for rice.Looks like a great combo to me.I will make it, thanks girl.See you next week.Hugs:)

Anu said...

Thanks Asha!you have to try this recipe, the oil & asafoetida is an unusual combo & its reall yumm, let me know if u liked it!
hugs to u too!!

Anonymous said...

hi , love all your dishes.just clarify can use any other veggie for this hummann other than potato 'coz my other half dislikes potatoes.

TBC said...

I make this sometimes, never knew the name:-). Nice pic. Your veg fied rice looks a lot like mine.

Sameer said...

i can make the dry potato bhaji... now i will try this one out... btw, can i get byadgi at the stores here ?

Anu said...

Yes!Byadgi chillies are available at Indian stores,Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I tried Hummann with boiled egg..Yummy go !!!!