Snake gourd in a yogurt and coconut sauce/Majjige Huli

Vegetables cooked in a mild yogurt & coconut sauce is very light and refreshing. This is a South Indian dish almost similar to the kadhi versions prepared in the North India. Again each state has its own variation and also it is known by unique name in each state. In Karnataka it is knows as Majjige huli, in Andhra Pradesh Majjige Pulusu , in Tamilnadu its known as Mor Kozhambu & in Kerala its known as Avial. Correct me with the names here if I have gotten them wrong.
It is usually prepared with vegetables like pumpkin, bottle gourd, cucumber, ash gourd or white gourd, snake gourd, okra to name a few. So far I have tried preparing this dish using snake gourd, ridge gourd and ash gourd. The results were good and I was very pleased by the taste and it is equally soothing. It’s easy to prepare and also my hubby dear liked it a lot so now it’s a regular dish in my kitchen. I learnt this particular recipe from a good friend of mine. I remember my mom preparing this dish with slight variations in the masala. This dish is usually prepared using sour yogurt or buttermilk. It gives a nice tang and flavor to the whole dish and there is no necessity of adding tamarind.It is often served with rice.


Snake gourd peeled and chopped into pieces about 1cup (I have used snake gourd here, you can use any veggies you prefer)
Yogurt whisked or Butter milk ¼ to ½ cup (Use sour yogurt/buttermilk)

For Masala:

Chana Dal 1 tablespoon (soaked in water for ½ to 1 hour)
Coconut gratings ¼ cup
Cumin seeds or jeera ½ tsp
Coriander seeds or dhania ½ tsp
Green chillies 4 or more if you like it spicy
Coriander leaves 5 strands
Turmeric powder a pinch

For tempering:

1 to 2 tsp cooking oil
Asafoetida ¼ tsp
Mustard seeds ½ tsp
Curry leaves about 5 to 6
Dried red chilli 1


1. In a saucepan cook the vegetables you intend to use separately.

2. Meanwhile grind together the mentioned ingredients under the masala to a fine paste.Use as little water as possible to grind.

3.Once the veggies get cooked add the grounded masala and mix well and season it with salt and bring it to a good rolling boil.

4.Once it starts boiling add the whisked yogurt or buttermilk and let it sit on stove for sometime on a medium heat.

5. Lastly heat oil in a tadka pan and add mustard seeds, when they start to crackle add asafoetida followed by curry leaves and red chilli pieces.
Serve hot with rice along side pickle and pappads.


Asha said...

My favorite dish!! I love it with Bottle gourd.I will make it with Snake gourd when I get it.Looks yummy:))

Sameer said...

hey! my aunt in bangalore used to make this :) where did you get the snake gourd from ? keep blogging.

Anu said...

I got the snake gourd from the Indian Store!We can find almost all Indian vegetables here.Good luck!